With influences rooted in witchcraft, sci-fi, and mid-century design, Hypnovamp provides unique adornment for the modern space vixen.

My artistic aesthetic has always been informed by the unusual. Having spent my childhood in the beautiful city of Salem, Massachusetts, I was influenced early on by dark fashion, ouija boards and oddities. This influence followed me into my adult years at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where I received a BFA in sculpture and jewelry-making, and spent a great deal of my time in the foundry casting giant insects out of bronze and iron.

My focus shifted primarily to jewelry in 2012 when I moved down to New Orleans. A self taught 3d modeler, I became interested in exploring the relationship between traditional jewelry making methods and 3d printing technology. I spent several years selling at the Frenchmen Art Market, an open air artist’s bazaar nestled between blaring jazz venues on a balmy, crowded street. A great deal of inspiration came to me while I was down there, and my creative narrative became clearer.

Now, in 2017, I have returned to my home state to pursue a full time focus on my witchy wares. My head is swirling with visions of planchettes, and eyeballs, and seven-sided pyramids floating through space...
It is my sincere wish to fill this shop with curiosities and unusual fashion necessities that will not only catch your eye, but make you fall in love!


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